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Ted Cruz: Obama Has Achieved The Power Of An Emperor

Ted Cruz: Obama Has Achieved The Power Of An Emperor

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas stated in a Senate hearing into Obama’s executive amnesty, which he chaired, that Obama has “achieved the power of an emperor.”

He goes on to say that it’s “disappointing that Congress has not acted more effectively to defend the rule of law.”

Of course, Obama could do nothing to become a tyrant without the capitulation of all three branches of government, which has obviously been completed usurped.

We’ve seen this event, the Marxist takeover of a nation, many times throughout history. Will we rise as a people once again like we did just 239 years ago and fight for freedom in the face of suppression?

Following an exchange with a witness who supported the legality of Obama’s executive amnesty, WND asked Cruz if he had been persuaded there were no limits on presidential power.

“I’m persuaded that’s the consequence of the president’s theory,” replied Cruz. “And I think it is profoundly dangerous to the Constitution and individual liberties.”

The senator said testimony he’d just heard demonstrated “that the theory President Obama has put forth to justify his executive amnesty is a theory that can be used to just justify ignoring virtually any federal law.”

“It is ultimately a theory that enables President Obama to behave, using his own words, as an emperor.”

And the president’s behavior fits the description, Cruz implied.

“The very definition of monarchy is one individual having the authority to make, ignore or change the law. That is a monarchy.”

But will Obama’s use of executive authority to bypass Congress prove to be an aberration, or is it setting a precedent that will be hard to reverse?

“If it (amnesty) were upheld, it would set a precedent for any subsequent president – either Republican or Democrat – to disregard any law with which he or she disagrees,” rued Cruz.

He said he would vigorously oppose that unilateral power if it were asserted by a Republican, just as he opposes such power asserted by the Democrat currently in the White House.

“Indeed, when I was the solicitor general of Texas, I went before the United States Supreme Court arguing that President George W. Bush’s assertion of the authority to order state courts to obey the world court was contrary to the Constitution and exceeded executive authority,” he said. “The Supreme Court agreed and struck down the president’s order.”

Cruz said anyone who cares about the limitations on executive power, checks and balances, and individual liberty “should be deeply dismayed about a president asserting the authority to decline to enforce any law with which he or she disagrees.”

He feared nothing could stop a future president from exercising such unilateral power in any other area of government, including tax, labor or environmental laws.

“What is so dangerous about this president is he believes he has a phone and a pen and can disregard any other branch of government,” he said.

Cruz described the situation as getting worse, with Obama now acting unilaterally in foreign policy.

“What’s striking is, that’s the very same strategy the Obama White House is laying out today to deal with the nation of Israel,” he said.

“It is no secret that the Obama political team used every force at its disposal to try to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu in this election. The national field director for President Obama went to Israel to help lead the political campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

Cruz added, “Astonishingly, the John Kerry State Department awarded hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to a 501(c)(3) that proceeded to help the partisan political effort to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“Well, the voters of Israel did not agree with President Obama’s assessment of who is the appropriate elected leader for their nation.”

He said, rather than respect the democratic decision of the Israeli people, the “Obama White House is now threatening yet again to go to the United Nations to try to end-run democratic elections.”



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